Retrieval Scenarios

If your bird is in a tree or somewhere that requires some coaxing: Here are some retrieval scenarios FOR DAYTIME ONLY PLEASE: Including alternating the following (along with favorite foods, treats, shaking a bowl of pellets or tre
ats, water and pouring water from one bowl to another so this bird can see and hear it, eating yummy food and offering to share it with this bird, favorite bonded people, bringing out other flock mates in a safe, secure carrier to help elicit contact calls and to aid in coaxing this bird down.. playing recordings of like-species vocalizations from flock mates or this bird, or even recordings from YouTube..)

1) coaxing this bird to climb/hop downward by standing directly below him or her

2) positioning yourself next to a neighboring tree that offers a clear flight path to a clear landing spot with a slight descent, as lateral flying is easier to manage than descending. 

3) getting yourself higher using something already in the environment like the roof of a nearby house, a hill, standing on a fence or a nearby parked car or truck, and coaxing with high value reinforcers (whatever gets this bird excited!)

4) standing back 20-50 ft from the tree to give this bird a clear gradual descending flight path to you.. this bird may circle around a few times and land at the same spot he/she was in, land in another tree, land on the roof of a house, land on the ground.. land on whatever is in this bird’s flight path. With each little flight this bird gains more valuable flight and navigational experience which is wonderful.

The goal is to PLEASE STAY WITH YOUR BIRD, remain patient, encouraging, praise all of this bird’s attempts to come down, and allow this bird to gain confidence and build trust that he/she is very capable of coming down on his/her own power.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that introducing large equipment and unfamiliar objects into the scenario such as booms, lifts, firetrucks, tree services, water hoses, nets, etc can be very risky as it could frighten the bird and cause him/her to fly away. If this happens you would have to start over and resume with searching for your bird all over again.  

Here is a demonstration on how to retrieve a bird by using a cage. 
Thank you Dan Radzik for illustrating.



Upon safely retrieving your bird, please first hydrate with water and watery fruits such as cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi fruit, applesauce before offering more solid foods (UNLESS your bird is injured, THEN ONLY offer a little water), THEN, PLEASE take your bird ASAP to your Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, or someone who consults with one, for a full exam to be sure all is okay internally and externally. We have had a few found and reunited birds not make it due to delayed or skipped Avian Veterinary exams until ailments or hidden injuries were no longer treatable.

Also, please be advised that those flight feathers help keep your bird safe! Please consider keeping your bird flighted. You can practice some wonderfully enriching recall training with your bird ***inside*** your home, which offers huge benefits for her cognitively, mentally, physically, behaviorally, and also helps enrich and increase the bond you have with your bird. Plus it can be hugely fun for both your sweet bird and you. AND, these Parrots are spectacular in flight!

ie. Please see Video of a s
afe flight experience and recall training in the safety of a batting cage. 

By: Carol Kessler