Finder's Questions

We would like to provide you with ideas and questions that can be asked to those who come forward about a found bird. The idea is to have them provide you with as much detail about their missing bird as possible and not vice versa. The first thing we recommend is have the bird taken in to see whether or not he/she is microchipped as some owners microchip their birds (Parakeets/Budgies are too small). Please feel free to ask those who come forward plenty of questions also keep certain details about a found bird to yourself so that a true owner can have that opportunity to identify and tell you specific things about their bird that only a finder and an owner would know. You can always ask those who come forward whether or not their bird is banded. Ask them for the bird's band number, find out the color of their bird's band, which leg the band is on, find out whether or not it's an open or closed band. (Whether the bird you found is banded or not, these questions will help weed out those who aren’t the true owners). Also, ask them if their bird was ever microchipped. A few additional ideas for those who come forward is to have them provide you with details of things that their missing bird says, such as phrases, sayings, any names the bird says, types of whistles or songs or any tricks the bird does. Ask an owner the name of their bird and then see whether the bird responds to that name. Also, have them provide photos of their bird and photos of them with their bird, provide vet records or documentation confirming that they in fact own a bird. Also, find out if there are any physical traits or markings their bird may have such as missing toes, missing toe nails, plucking issues, missing feathers, clipped wings, crooked beak, blemishes or any other type of physical trait the bird may have. You could also ask about the gender of the bird. You could also check to see whether the bird responds to their voice as birds tend to recognize their owners unlike strangers. And if it comes down to a physical meeting of the bird, you could always use a 3rd party if it makes you more comfortable such as an avian vet to witness a meeting. We hope some of these ideas help in your effort to find the bird's owner. Thank you so much for caring for this birdie and trying to find his rightful family. If you need anything further, please feel free to contact us.