Create A Flier

911 Parrot Alert's Flier Templates (Microsoft Powerpoint)
We are providing you with 2 different sized flier templates.  A full sheet flier which would be perfect for sharing to online sites or hanging signs around the neighborhood and a smaller half sheet size which would be perfect for passing out to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and local businesses.

Please make and print at least 400 fliers to distribute and saturate your local area. The more people that know about your missing bird the better chance of getting your bird home. Some ideas of places to distribute the flier would include: neighbors, mailman, vets, shelters, pet stores, parks, animal control, near schools, churches, libraries, post office, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, hair & nail salons, mom & pop shops and any local business or public place that will allow you to do so. You could also advertise with your local media, newspaper and radio station as well.

Lost Flier
Lost Flier - 1/2 Sheet