911 Parrot Alert's House Rules

Welcome to 911 Parrot Alert an international and volunteer based group dedicated to reuniting lost and found birds. Our goal is to equip our members with the necessary tools and knowledge needed in order to reunite lost and found birds back with their families.

911 Parrot Alert has outlined some pertinent steps that should be taken in the event you have lost or found a bird which can be found directly In our PINNED POST located at the very top of the group page.

Please read our group rules in full as you are expected to follow these rules, failure to do so may result in being removed without warning.


1. Please be respectful to all members, admin and moderators.

2. Any disrespectful, critical and unhelpful comments will be deleted.

3. Please keep all posts on topic and in relation to lost, found or stolen birds.

4. Do not post or ask for leg band/ring numbers. This information should remain private as it is an owner's proof of ownership.

5. Do not post photos of deceased birds.

6. Do Not suggest flight feather clipping at any time.

7. Do NOT suggest, imply or ask finders for found birds nor make comments such as “I’ll take it” or "I can foster". Do NOT send private messages to finders seeking to adopt a found bird. If you are a finder and have been contacted by someone in this group wanting a bird you found, please forward a copy of the screenshot along with their name to one of our Admins or Moderators so we can handle it accordingly. We believe pets are family and our goal on 911 Parrot Alert is to reunite ALL BIRDS back with their families.

8. Any and all GoFundMe campaigns, buy/sell, spam or off topic posts will be removed.

9. Do Not Block Admin or Moderators.

10. 911 Parrot Alert DOES NOT recommend the use of firetrucks, tree trimming services, large equipment, water hoses, lifts, ladders, towels, nets to retrieve birds -(Except in extreme circumstances of imminent physical danger to the bird). Please refrain from making these type of suggestions to our members as these comments will be deleted.

11. Please familiarize yourself with 911 Parrot Alert's Search & Retrieve Protocol.

Thank you,
911 Parrot Alert